BCM313 Reflection

BCM313 Reflection

Whilst I actually really loved the content I learnt this session, I’ll be glad to see the end of it! This year has taught me that online learning definitely does not suit my learning style, or procrastination habit, so I have my fingers crossed we are back to face-to-face next year.

BCM313 was a great subject to take, and I’m so glad I chose to do it this year. I have never taken a subject before where the staff were so helpful and caring, and the other students were so engaged and kind. It was really refreshing compared to other subjects I’ve done in the past. I really appreciated how understanding and accomodating everyone was of each other’s circumstances.

In regards to the content we’ve actually learnt in the subject, I’ve come away from the session feeling more confident in what the future of work may look like for myself and others. It’s also helped me reflect on my own experiences and values within the workplace, which I think is really useful and important. I also really enjoyed the assessments we were set, which was really surprising.

A big shoutout to Kate, Nhi and my class for their contributions to making this session bearable, I really appreciated it!

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