Overall, Task 2 was probably my favourite uni assignment I’ve done across the 3 sessions I’ve completed of my degree. I learnt so many useful skills across Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign which I’ll be able to use in the future. I also realised how hard I was making my life doing different things in certain ways.

All the online lectures and tutorials were super helpful, so I really didn’t come into many issues while making each aspect of the task.

I was really excited when I saw the ransom note aspect of the task. Collaging is an art form I’ve always really liked, and I had a stack of old magazines sitting in my room waiting for an assignment like this. I definitely enjoyed looking for different letterforms and putting them together in different “drafts” across my dining room table.

some of my early “drafts”
the image i ended up using

I really liked putting the ransom note through different experiments with the duotones, and playing with the levels and saturations. I ended up using the colour swatches I gathered from these edits throughout my whole booklet.

colour change / saturation

The next thing I worked on was the monograms. I did struggle with this slightly, as I was unsure on how I could combine my initials AD or AMD in a way without distorting the letters too much. I also wanted it to reflect my own personal style.

creating my monogram

My boards ended up pretty blank as I worked on the same set of letters mostly. I knew I wanted to use this font as I loved the retro vibes of it, and I already used it in a lot of other things I’ve created. After looking through other people’s designs, I see I could’ve made my monogram a little bit more technical and complicated, but I personally liked the simplicity of it and I think it reflected my own style.

The setting for sense aspect of the task was a little time consuming for me. I kept changing my mind on how I wanted to showcase the different aspects of the page set up. I ended up pretty happy with the final selections I made for my booklet. I definitely tried to take on the different tips I’d seen across the work on Moodle, but tried to make it as original as possible. I also tried to vary the different aspects I incorporated into each page, whilst trying to maintain an consistent aesthetic and colour palette.

Looking back at what I created throughout this task, I was pretty happy with how it all turned out. The amount of new skills I’ve learnt in the process has also been great. I can’t wait to expand on everything in the future VCD subjects in other aspects of my degree, and possible future jobs.

Whilst I wasn’t very consistent with my blog posting through the session, I was glad it was a required part of this task. It definitely helped with my background knowledge on visual communications, and made me appreciate things I’d already been interested in even more. Reflecting on my progress has also been really rewarding and showed me what I had accomplished in the session.

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