Research Reflection

Research Reflection

I chose this topic as it was something that heavily impacted me at the start of the session, pre-COVID. Unfortunately, the topic did become slightly less relevant as we transitioned to online uni, and I think it would’ve been more interesting to conduct my research in a normal session of uni. However, I felt as though the topic was still relevant as it is something that all university students at UOW had experienced at least once.

The results I received in my research definitely met my previous assumptions of people’s views on the current tutorial enrolment process at UOW, but the extent of how much it affected some student’s really surprised me. I hope it’s something the university can take into consideration for future sessions, particularly when we go back to face-to-face learning.

BCM212 was probably the best out of all my subjects to transition online, which made completing my research project much easier. The tutors, lecturer and fellow students were all so helpful and understanding of the difficulty of navigating online uni. The green book and reflective learning in tutorials also really helped throughout the session.

In terms of my research project itself, I definitely fell into the trap of procrastination, like I had listed in my risk matrix. My workplace reopening and sport restarting also impacted the time and focus I had to work on it.

Something I really liked about this subject and assignment was that it showed me different methods of collecting data, and doing it in an ethical and effective way. These are methods I can now use in future assignments, or in jobs I may have. It has also made me more aware of how I would answer in a survey/questionnaire or an interview, and what kind of information and answers are useful to a researcher.

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