BCM212 – My Curiosity

BCM212 – My Curiosity

No two student experiences are alike. Factors such as degree, culture, gender, living on or off campus, nationality, health, work and extra curricular activities all come together to create your own unique student experience.

For BCM212, we are focusing on the student experience and what makes us different or the same. The aim of our main project is to find our “curiosity” about the student experience and research it.

My curiosity is tutorial enrolments.

Specifically, I’d like to focus on how the process of tutorial enrolments impacts on a student’s life outside of uni.

I really wanted to focus on this topic as it is something that has greatly affected my life outside of uni this session. I was very lucky last year in getting all (or close to) all the tutorial times I needed to balance my work, sport, family and social aspects of life. This session I was not as lucky. Due to clashing tutorial and lecture times, subjects on different campuses, and a laptop that decided to stop working exactly 1 minute before tutorial enrolments went live, I have been left with a very inconvenient schedule.

As a student who also has to commute just over an hour via public transport, I also understand the struggle of students who commute to uni and how not getting their preferred tutorial times can have a flow on effect into other aspects of their lives.

Did you get the timetable you wanted this session? Has not getting the tutorial times you wanted impacted on your life outside of uni?

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