Part 3: MAKING // Astrology Lane

Part 3: MAKING // Astrology Lane

Unfortunately, due to work and other uni commitments, Astrology Lane took a hit due to our inactivity. In the final week of BCM114 however, we have introduced new content on our Instagram, and kept up our presence on Spotify and Twitter.


  • We continued to develop our new aesthetic. We have found issues along the way with appropriate colour choices for our photo text but have continued to adapt.
  • We created a collaboration with Heidi and Annagh at Enventure. We made a holiday destination post for the zodiac signs based on locations the girls had written about.
  • We tested new concepts on our story. We had asked followers “what would you like to know about astrology?”. This gained little response. We created a new series on our story where we posted zodiac quizzes, which were a success.


As Spotify offers no insight tools it is hard to gauge the success of our zodiac playlists. I have received some comments from friends and family however who really enjoy their sign’s playlist.


We became more active on Twitter through the last module of our DA. We engaged with our followers, promoted our Instagram content and retweeted relevant zodiac content from other accounts.

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