We decided to create Astrology Lane as our digital artefact as we all had an interest in astrology and wanted to share aesthetic but educational content in an accessible way. 

We originally planned to post on Instagram, Spotify and WordPress. We have decided through ideating and prototyping our DA to drop our WordPress page, and have also established a Twitter account.


Instagram is where 95% of our digital artefact happens. We have been posting different “series” of educational content.

We utilise Instagram stories frequently, posting polls and asking questions for our followers. As I write this blogpost we are currently answering questions people have asked after posting “Do you have any astrology questions you want answered?”.

Instagram is also a great platform as the insights tool is really useful to gain an understanding of followers needs and wants without them actually being verbalised. It allows us to see what types of posts and stories are successful, and if people are engaging with our other content through the link in our bio.

We have also expanded our DA by collaborating with fellow BCM students and their DAs. We posted a collaboration with Lucy and her DA Into Our Garden. We also are planning to work with Nikita and Rebecca at Baking Bad, and Heidi and Annagh at Enventure.


We posted playlists for each of the 12 zodiac signs which featured artists of the particular sign.

We promoted these on the Astrology Lane Instagram as well as our personal Twitter accounts. Whilst Spotify does not have any insight tools as it is not a traditional social media sight, we received positive feedback from our followers, as well as other students and tutors.

Something that may have drawn attention away from our playlists is that Spotify also released zodiac inspired playlists just after us. We understand however that plenty of other playlists similar to ours exist, it was just a coincidence in timing.


We posted a blogpost on WordPress that went into more detail on astrology. We originally planned to do this as we knew that it would be harder to engage an audience on Instagram with information in higher volumes. A poll on Instagram gave us an insight into what our followers wanted to learn and we took this on board.

Our blog post did not receive much attention, and we realised that even though people wanted the content, they wanted it in a more easily accessible way. To adapt to this, we decided to create a new series on our instagram where we use the information from the blogpost to make Instagram posts using Adobe Illustrator.


We have just created a Twitter account for Astrology Lane to help promote our current content as well as post on Twitter to tap into the large “astrology Twitter” audience.

We are also working on ways to monetise our DA. We are currently designing prints and stickers that we can post on Etsy and/or Redbubble. We are trying to make this as cost effective and affordable for us, as well as customers, to stick to the FIST concept.

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One thought on “BETA – ASTROLOGY LANE // BCM114

  1. Hey lovely! I really love the concept of your Digital artefact project! It’s so original and refreshing to see the different sources like spotify that you’re using! Just a thought that you may like to consider, when you branch out into monetising your project, you could use your instagram platform to take orders as well as ask users what designs they make like! Keep up the great work xx


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