Part 1: IDEATING // Astrology Lane

Part 1: IDEATING // Astrology Lane

In the first week of the Astrology Lane Instagram page being established, we saw major growth for the page.

The account on 15th August

In the second week (currently), there has been less growth as we have not posted. This has been a lesson in regular posting and its link to growth which has been particularly highlighted in recent readings and lectures in BCM114.

The account on 28th August

Interaction with the page was really great and we received positive feedback that stated our followers resonated with our posts, which was really encouraging. However, we are yet to receive any constructive feedback on ways to grow our DA.

We also noticed, through using the ‘Insights’ tool on Instagram, that our followers reflected the initial demographic we believed would engage the most with our content (13-30 year old women).

The Insights tool has been very useful as we are able to see how well posts are going in terms of how many people visited our page through that particular post, how many people saw it, how many times it was direct messaged to someone and how many people have saved it for future viewing.

Our two ‘best performing’ posts

We posted the first blog post to our WordPress account. We asked a question through Instagram Stories and tailored the post to answer topics that came up. It isn’t expected to gain much response as it is just in the beginning stages. We will continue to build on this and discover if it is worthwhile to continue.

We are in the process of creating the Spotify playlists as accompanying content to our Instagram content, and these will be published within the next week.

“You ideate by combining your conscious and unconscious mind, and rational thoughts with imagination”.

Hasso Plattner, An Introduction to Process Thinking

With the words of Hasso Plattner, Ted and our tutors on our minds, we have continued to ideate through the process of creating our digital artefact and have come up with further ideas to test in the future.

Please feel free to comment any feedback below and follow us! x



2 thoughts on “Part 1: IDEATING // Astrology Lane

  1. These are very interesting concept and ideas. That idea about creating music playlists for different zodiac signs to accompany your content on Instagram is so creative. I look forward to seeing where you go with this! I just found this website of a Swiss astrological organisation called Astrodienst ( which you might be interested. They offer various types of content about astrology such as natal chart and horoscope reading. I also find your blog particularly useful regarding the use of the Insights tool on Instagram. I have not considered using it, but your blog has shown me ways I can make more use of it to target potential users for my DA. Keep up with the good work!

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  2. This is such a cool idea for a DA! I love the aesthetic you have going, the editing is amazing too, I love how you have spread your DA across so many different platforms that’s such a smart move, I’ll have to convince Nikita to make a Baking Bad playlist. You have already developed such a strong brand which is amazing to do so early on in the process. Have you considered making Tik Toks at all? Just to utilise an extra platform that is already booming, I haven’t come across many astrology themed videos on there so maybe it’s an untapped market. Overall you’ve done amazing, congrats! Also can’t wait for the Sagittarius one to be published


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