#BCM114 DA Pitch – Astrology Lane

#BCM114 DA Pitch – Astrology Lane

Astrology Lane is a platform in which people can explore astrology on a deeper level than just their daily horoscope in a magazine. We have discovered that there is currently a large interest and demand for astrology-based content in the particular demographic of 13-30 year-old women. Our (me, Rachel Hopkins and Sophie Morris) content, which is all original writing and graphics by us will be originally posted on Instagram, Spotify and WordPress.

Instagram – this is where people can access basic information on astrology in an “aesthetic way”. We will also post frequent interactive Instagram stories including polls and Q&As. All posts will be original content.

An example of a post you will find on the Instagram

Spotify – we will be creating a playlist for each of the 12 zodiac signs which feature songs by artists of the specific sign, as well as songs that fit the common characteristics of the signs. These will be linked to all accounts under the Astrology Lane “brand”.

WordPress – weekly blogposts will discuss astrology in further depth and create a beginners guide to astrology. This blog will also feature discussion on other topics linked to astrology like tarot cards, numerology and birth charts.

Astrology Lane also has the potential to expand to Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube and Facebook accounts, which we will explore as we come up to the Beta prototype. An Etsy store could also be opened as astrology prints created by Instagram pages such as @Sistersvillage are quite popular.


Instagram: www.instagram.com/astrologylane

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/abbeydoyle1?si=fP7OKSj3QVWMANQrByK9Fw

WordPress: www.astrologylane.home.blog

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